Terms and Conditions

Dear Partners,

We are grateful for your interest in supporting the incredible work the Holy Spirit is doing through the PLUSH Gathering.

By providing your contact details to the PLUSH Gathering, you consent to us reaching out to you regarding your contribution. It is also presumed that your contributions are made willingly and without compulsion from any individual with full knowledge and appreciation of the information provided above.

To ensure transparency, here’s a closer look at how your support will be used:

Your contributions will be instrumental in covering various aspects, including decor to create a beautiful atmosphere, procuring third-party services for seamless streaming, and, providing transportation to assist participants in reaching the venue on the day of the gathering. Additionally, we’ll be offering honorariums to our guest ministers to show our appreciation. Please note that the honorarium will not be going to Lady Pastor Janice Tackie-Yarboi.

Thank you once again for your contribution, and we look forward to seeing you at this year’s gathering!

Note: Please keep in mind that we do not engage in private solicitations, direct messages on social media, or utilize third parties for fundraising purposes.