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A life pervaded by an undeniable reverence & presence of the Holy Spirit best describes the life of Janice Antoinette Tackie-Yarboi, co-pastor of Victory Bible Church International, Heaven on Earth Sanctuary.

As one wholly surrendered to the daily and lifelong tutelage of the Holy Spirit, she has witnessed first-hand the transformation, fruition and endless benefits the Holy Spirit imparts to the believer.

Her personal experiences; tangible evidence of scriptures being made manifest undergird her impassioned conviction that an attempt to live for and serve the Lord Jesus Christ is inevitably futile and frustrating devoid of the most ignored person of the Trinity; The Holy Spirit.

This conviction is evidenced in the various expressions of her ministry notably in her speaking ministerial engagements as well as her prolific online writing.

While the expressions vary, the singular invariable remains an exceptionally strong emphasis on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. She is therefore often jokingly referred to as the brand ambassador of the Holy Spirit; a role she humbly aspires to in reality as she seeks ultimately to know Him and to make Him known.

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Heaven on Earth

Lady Janice is also the spiritual convener of the Plush Gathering, an annual gathering that centers on facilitating the cultivation of a more intimate and purposeful relationship with Jesus Christ by consciously engaging the Holy Spirit.

An apostle in the marketplace, she extends her antennae into the real estate and interior space, representing Christ with excellence with her company; JANEL known for their exceptional professionalism and integrity.


Hope, Faith & Love


Graced to be a mother of three animated boys, the office of motherhood is one she faithfully stewards as she and her loving husband Rev Nii Sorse Tackie-Yarboi steer their children to know and love the Lord with all their hearts, souls, minds and strength. Together, they are a safe space for young couples seeking an anchorage in Kingdom Marriage and Family culture.


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A life pervaded by an undeniable reverence & presence of the Holy Spirit best describes the life of Janice Antoinette Tackie-Yarboi.

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