“Remember Lot’s Wife!”

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Iris Ocantey

Hi!! My name is Iris and when it comes to my faith, there is so much I will love to share with you with the help of the Holy Spirit. I usually write down lessons learnt from studying God’s word and I believe that sharing my notes with you through this blog will help point you to the love of God if you are not a believer and help you grow in your faith as a believer.

I currently serve the body of Christ as a writer and peer counsellor. I describe my walk with God as adventurous and hope that through my blog posts, readers will be encouraged to seek God and trust Him.

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  1. Powerful read… God bless you WoG for this awesome early morning message to kick start my day

  2. Avatar Naa Anyorkor says:

    God bless you WOG


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