A woman like Rahab

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Kadmiel is a lady passionate about sharing the revelations she receives by the help of Holy Spirit during her personal Bible Study times. She is a lawyer by profession and desires to lead young women to finding their purpose and identity in Christ, just as she was led by someone else long ago.

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  1. Avatar NunanaGift says:

    This is so beautiful ! Thank you for shedding light more light on this awesome woman of faith Rahab. I’ve always thought her story was never fully explored a lot but definitely not as profoundly as you did. God bless you

  2. Avatar Bernice Dansoa Osei says:

    We serve a God who is truely tranformational.

  3. Very powerful!

  4. Avatar Miriam Anderson says:

    This is amazing… It brings to mind the lyrics to the song SCARS By I am they…

    God bless you.. BELOVED daughter of the Most HIGH.

  5. When you take a stand for God, He will change your name and stand tall in your life. Bliss


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