Manage your expectations 

Our existence is based on a life of relationships. Our interactions with each other and our interaction with the environment is generated through relationships or connections. Relationships whether positive or negative are inevitable in life. With each relationship or interaction comes expectations. We must ensure we do not put weight on a relationship it was not created or designed to carry. This can be disappointing and expectations can be damaged.

If you understand the nature of a thing it’s behaviour will never surprise you. Do not expect something from someone or something that lacks the skill set or capability to give you what you are expecting or desiring. For example you cannot expect a child to deliver a baby from a woman in labour because the baby lacks the knowledge to deliver the baby.

Same way you cannot expect a car to develop wings and fly because it’s not meant to do that.  As we don’t expect that, we don’t feel disappointed when the bus does not fly. Same way when you are in a relationship with someone you need to assess the skills set of the person you are walking with then you tailor your expectations to what they can deliver. This simple principle can guard your heart and mind from disappointment.

God gives us what to expect from a relationship He has with us.
James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above,
and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom
is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

This tells as that whatsoever is pure, perfect and good is from God and we are to expect good and perfect things from Him. He has told us the nature of the relationship being good and perfect so we know and expect good and perfect things to come from God. So I will not be disappointed in God if bad things come my way because I know it is not from God. My expectations from God are of a positive nature.

I would like to encourage you to continually ask God to help you understand His nature more in your daily walk with Him. This will allow you to channel your expectations accordingly. Also understand the nature of people you have around you in order to understand their behaviour thus channel your expectations accordingly. Do not expect something from someone who lacks the capability to accomplish what you request.


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  1. Charmaine Avatar

    Thank you First Lady for sharing and caring for so many God has truly blessed you with a great gift Hallelujah Amen God bless you always

  2. Natasha moses Avatar
    Natasha moses

    Hey Madeline God blessed you and your family.

  3. Samuel Quaye Avatar
    Samuel Quaye

    God bless you and give you all you would need to do this great job

  4. Stella ochi Avatar
    Stella ochi

    Inspiring write up my dear. Kudos

  5. Jane Avatar

    God richly bless you Madeline for such an inspiration. May you have more from the Holy Spirit to share.

  6. Awurama Sika Avatar
    Awurama Sika

    Very nice piece❤God bless u woman of God

  7. ORa jay Avatar
    ORa jay

    Wow Thais is very powerful.

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