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"Good Day I'm humbled to be able to share with you some home truths inspired by the Holy Spirit. Transparency and trust is key in every relationship, encounter or journey therefore to build that trust let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Madeline, I am a down-to-earth young lady with a desire to teach Gods word. A pastors wife, a nurse and a mother. I am a strong believer who has a real passion for helping people and thrive on seeing people flourish
I am driven by the holy spirit and my aim is to take you on a journey to teach and inspire you on the daily pursuit of righteousness thank you for your time in Reading this post"

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  1. Thank you First Lady for sharing and caring for so many God has truly blessed you with a great gift Hallelujah Amen God bless you always

  2. Avatar Natasha moses says:

    Hey Madeline God blessed you and your family.

  3. Avatar Samuel Quaye says:

    God bless you and give you all you would need to do this great job

  4. Inspiring write up my dear. Kudos

  5. God richly bless you Madeline for such an inspiration. May you have more from the Holy Spirit to share.

  6. Avatar Awurama Sika says:

    Very nice piece❤God bless u woman of God

  7. Wow Thais is very powerful.


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