Our Connection, our Hope

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Janice Antoinette

This blog is geared towards inspiring many to come to the realisation of the tangibility of the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Avatar Nana Sarpomaa Priscilla says:

    Mmm…….Our connection………. God richly bless you Dear.
    This takes my mind to sharing the ‘GRACE’ at church….“ MAY THE GRACE OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, THE LOVE OF GOD AND THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT BE WITH US NOW AND FOREVERMORE”. This is based on scripture, 2 Corithians 13:14. Now we have the love of God, and we are enjoying grace through Christ Jesus but our fellowship with the Holy Spirit is weak. To fellowship is to friendly associate with someone whom you share same or common interests and feelings with. The Holy Spirit is a person and He needs our fellowship. To fellowship with Him is to get to know Him, what He likes and what He dislikes, how He feel and what He would like us to be doing at every point in time. Using the light bulb analogy, we can also notice that there can be a good wiring system to influence the flow of power and the light bulb can be connected to this power source alright but until we press the ‘switch’ we can still live in darkness even though we have a bullb which is already connected to the main power source, but the moment we press the ‘switch’ we see light and the bulb also begins to function. Pressing the SWITCH is fellowshipping with the Spirit, until we connect intimately with Him through prayer by getting to know Him more, He will just be there, and He is so gentile that He will never force us to communicate with Him until we are ready to do so.
    Let’s go to the Kitchen…. Most of us like using the blender, but before we can blend, we get our fruits or vegetables ready, connect the blender to the source of power, press or turn on the switch, and even regulate the speed depending on how fine or smooth we would like our veggies or fruits to be. The same way our efforts and desires to know God and fellowship with His Spirit also counts.
    Our fellowship with the Holy Spirit in prayer is not just finding some special time for Him alone, but constantly staying in tune with Him and paying heed to the still small voice at every moment and at any place.
    May the Lord cause us to desire Him more and to seek and fellowship with Him in our everything in Jesus’ Name….. Amen…!!!

  2. powerful message. keep it up dear

  3. Avatar Bettina Okae says:

    Thank you ànd God bless you for shàring

  4. Avatar Erica Mawuena Gbordjor says:

    God bless you WoG.. Staying connected is the key to revealing the person of Christ in our lives.. Thank you for sharing

  5. Avatar Diana Freguson Danso says:

    Amen and amen I’m really blessed with this special message to strengthen our faith in the Lord May the good Lord continue to bless you and give you wisdom to continue the good work of God


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