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Abundant Grace and Provision Mall – Official Receipt

Items Bought: Love, Patience, Grace, Forgiveness, Humility, Provision, Wisdom, Joy, Peace, Favour, Goodness, Mercies, (Items are too long to be listed on here)

Amount Due: 0.00

Order #: 2015982567345 (This has no limit)

Checked by: Jesus Christ

Tuesday 20th October 2015

Time: 4:52am (But we are open all day and night throughout the year)

The Holy Spirit never fails to be on time whenever we have an appointment. He comes just on time, but then the flesh comes to play, and then we find it difficult to wake up and communicate with Him. It is difficult to wake up especially when you know the day is packed and you need a little more sleep. But trust me, it is very worth it when you communicate with Him before the day starts. It makes a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE. I would like to share a revelation I had today when the Holy Spirit woke me up just in time for an awesome fellowship with Him.

He gave me this revelation. But I want you to imagine the process as you read it.

We all go to the shopping mall with a purpose. What is that purpose? To shop or to buy things we need and for some of us things we want. After you are done picking the things you need, you walk up to the cashier to make payments right? No one walks out of the shop without paying for the items they have picked. So when you get to the till, you place the items on the counter so that it can be keyed in then payment can be made and a receipt issued.

When all has been keyed in, you make payments, then collect your receipt with your items packed neatly in a bag. No one walks out of the shop without the items they have paid for. Sometimes we ignore the receipt but the items we never ignore or forget to take with us. This same thing applies to us Christians. The shopping mall or shop represents the world. The items we choose (the ones we need and want) at the shop represent the things available to us in this world. We have a choice to make and that decision is based entirely on us. The person at the till or counter, processing your items represents Jesus Christ. He finally issues the receipt and that receipt represents the price he paid for you at Calvary, which He has freely given to us. The bag that has all the neatly packed items represents the Holy Spirit.

What am I trying to get to??

We get very busy in this world and disregard that Jesus Christ has paid for everything. It’s so sad that, we neglect the items and rather pick the receipt. This means we are aware of the fact that Christ has paid for all our sins hence we have access to everything but then we fail to walk away with those items. We busily pick up the receipt and leave the items we need in the cashiers hands (Jesus Christ). Don’t forget the cashier does not need those items but you do. The cashier is only there to facilitate the process.

Now when Jesus finished His work on earth, He gave us an assurance that He was going to send us a comforter. And that Comforter will guide us into all truth. The comforter will teach us, advise us, help us and grant us peace.

John 14:26
“But the Helper (Comforter,
Advocate, Intercessor—
Counselor, Strengthener,
Standby), the Holy Spirit,
whom the Father will send
in My name [in My place,
to represent Me and act on
My behalf], He will teach
you all things. And He will
help you remember everything
that I have told you.”

That is why the items are packed neatly into the bag. The Holy Spirit is the bag. He is a package. He comes with everything we need. So when you walk out of the shopping mall, everyone sees the bag and knows where you went to shop (e.g. if you shopped at Macy’s or an MK store, you would walk out with that bag). That’s the same thing the Holy Spirit does for us. We are identified as God’s Children when we walk with the Spirit because He makes everyone around you aware of the kind of Spirit you carry.

Romans 8:16
“The Spirit Himself testifies and
confirms together with our spirit
[assuring us] that we [believers]
are children of God.”

But the sad thing is, we forget the bag once we get home and take out the items. We throw the bag away. We forget about the Holy Spirit once we receive what we need. We forget that He is the whole package and we need Him to help us through this life. Some of us, want to walk out of the shop without the bag because we believe we can carry all the stuff in our hands. Some of us believe we can do everything by ourselves and disregard the Holy Spirit to be our helper. It’s the same thing with relationships. Many of us enter relationships without Jesus being at the center and the Holy Spirit being our Helper and teacher. We believe we can do it all by ourselves. But just as it is illustrated in the revelation, the items need a carrier who will carry you through the rough times and the good times.

Are you ignoring the Holy Spirit? Have you become your own God? Have you become your own teacher? Do you do things all by yourself without regarding Him? Do you feel your problems keep getting worse? Have you actually asked Him to help you with that issue? Have you asked for wisdom concerning that decision? Do you need that peace within you? Do you want someone who can understand you? Then I know of my best friend and He can help you too. We can actually share Him and we will still receive EQUAL UNDIVIDED ATTENTION. The Holy Spirit is the only one who can help you and I need you to acknowledge that fact today. Just open up your heart and ask Him to come and stay in it. Ask Him to be your Guide, Comforter and Best Friend. He is ready and willing to come only if you will allow Him in today.

Say this Simple Prayer:

Dear Holy Spirit, I need you to come into my heart today. I need you to be my Guide, Comforter and Best friend. I acknowledge that I need help and that I cannot do it on my own. I want to be able to hear your voice too. I want you to reveal yourself to me more and more. Help me understand God’s Perfect Will for my life. And Help me to walk with the assurance that Jesus Christ has paid for all I need here on earth and the only thing I need to do is to walk in that provision with your help. In Jesus Name!! Amen.

Please listen to the song: Let your living water flow

Don’t forget that God loves you very much and is waiting with open arms for you.

…Inspired by the Holy Spirit

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12 responses to “The Checkout”

  1. Diana Ferguson Danso Avatar
    Diana Ferguson Danso

    Thank God for your life and keep doing what you enjoy doing for the Lord and others. Amen, stay blessed.

  2. Sandra Kumi Avatar
    Sandra Kumi

    Amen oooh and thank you my God.

  3. Jennifer Buabeng Avatar
    Jennifer Buabeng

    Amen and Amen to all things paid for by Jesus Christ

  4. John Yaw Buabeng (Rev.) Avatar

    Very inspiring and insightful. God bless you for becoming a vessel of blessing to us all through the messages the Holy Spirit gives you. Stay blessed.

  5. Yvette Kondoh Avatar
    Yvette Kondoh

    Amazing!!!!!!!! Praise God!. Truly inspired by the Holy Ghost. God bless you Janice

  6. ericacheampong Avatar

    This is the doing of the Lord and it is marvelous in our sight.

  7. Kelvin Avatar

    God Bless you!

  8. Jacqueline Avatar

    Powerful break downs thank You Holy Spirit for revealing….

  9. Philip Ntim-Awuku Avatar
    Philip Ntim-Awuku

    God bless you for this revelation. We ask for many more of such.

  10. Kezia Avatar

    Very Powerful revelation.
    God bless you and continue to use you as a blessing onto many.

  11. Afia Avatar

    Wooowwwww….This is really inspiring, the carrier bag completes the goods indeed and we should not forsake it. God bless u

  12. Nii Sorse Avatar
    Nii Sorse

    Very Inspiring Revelation.
    This is a sign that God still speaks to those who place themselves in a position to hear His Voice.
    God Bless and USE you more!

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