The Ultimate Will

Matthew 6:10
“May your Kingdom come soon.
May your will be done on earth,
as it is in heaven.”

We all get to a point in our lives where we want things to happen our way. Sometimes, what we deeply desire is for all our plans and purposes to come to fruition the way we want it to. But the truth is that we do not know ourselves better than the one who created us in His image and likeness. The question I ask myself all the time is, Is this in line with your will for my life Lord? I have tried so many times in life to put God in a box because I wanted certain things to happen in a particular way.

The Holy Spirit however explained to me in a trance that lasted less than five minutes.

I saw myself standing in the desert holding a sheet of paper. I placed that sheet of paper on a rock but once I placed it there, the paper flew away. Since I was in the desert, there was no way I could keep the paper in one place but I was so determined to place it there that I just refused to see how much time I was wasting. The winds got so strong that it flew away every time I placed it on the rock. Eventually, I decided to place the sheet of paper under the rock and as soon as I did that, the winds became quiet. It was more like the desert did not look like one anymore because the sand gradually turned into vegetation and the trees and its fruit sprung up.


We try so hard as human beings to determine and control our will forgetting about THE ONE who created us. The paper in my hand represented my will and how I was trying so hard to do my will. The rock represented God’s Will. Rocks in the Old Testament symbolized God’s presence as a source of refuge during battle or war against the enemy. The more I placed the paper (My Will) on the rock (God’s Will), the more I was trying to force my Will, and the more I failed at doing it. The winds in the desert represents the problems and dry periods we find ourselves in whenever we try to force our own WILL. The more I tried to enforce my will; I got more frustrated, tired and restless.

Luke 9:23
“And He said to all, If any person
wills to come after Me, let him
deny himself [disown himself,
forget, lose sight of himself and
his own interests, refuse and
give up himself] and take up his
cross daily and follow Me [cleave
steadfastly to Me, conform wholly
to My example in living and, if need
be, in dying also].”

At that moment I came to the realization that placing the paper ON the ROCK would not work so I decided to place it UNDERNEATH the ROCK. I want you to take note of the prepositions I used in constructing the sentence because it makes much of a difference. When you place something on another thing, it means that thing is exerting power or force on whatever is underneath it. For example when I place the paper on the rock, the paper is supposed to exert some force on the rock in order for it to lie still. But since paper is lighter than a rock, there is no way it can exert any force or power over the rock. This means that in as much as we would want our own WILL, God’s will is the ultimate will for our lives. Once the paper is placed underneath the rock, the rock exerts its pressure on the paper hence the paper does not move. The paper is placed firmly and securely under the rock and the paper cannot be moved unless the rock moves. And since rocks cannot be moved by the wind, there is no way the paper will fly away.

Psalm 18:2
“The Lord is my rock, my fortress,
and my savior; my God is my rock,
in whom I find protection. He is
my shield, the power that saves me,
and my place of safety.”

This means that whenever we try to force our own will, it does not bring us peace nor does it bring satisfaction because we keep moving up and down in the wind. But when we align or place ourselves in God’s will, we can never be shaken when the storms of life come our way. We try so hard to force our WILL on GOD forgetting that He created us and therefore knows what we need and do not need on this earth.

Jeremiah 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb
I knew [and] approved of you [as
My chosen instrument], and before
you were born I separated and set
you apart, consecrating you; [and]
I appointed you as a prophet to the

He knows every path that you need to take and how to get there. SO the question is why do we try to limit God and put Him in a box?? Why are we trying to tell God what to do with us?? Why are we fretting and going up and down about nothing??

What blew my mind the more was that, the moment we decide to walk in His Will for our life, our life falls in pleasant places. The desert now has grass growing, trees shooting up and bearing fruits.

Hebrews 10:36
“Patient endurance is what you
need now, so that you will continue
to do God’s will. Then you will
receive all that he has promised.”

Do you know how amazing that is? The Holy Spirit showed me that once we decide to rest in the secret place of the most High (which is placing ourselves under the rock or HIS WILL) and abiding under the shadow of the Almighty (the rock provides shade for the paper because of its width and its strength), we have nothing and absolutely nothing to be worried about.

Psalm 91:1-2
“He that dwelleth in the secret
place of the most High shall
abide under the shadow of the
Almighty. I will say of the Lord,
He is my refuge and my fortress:
my God; in him will I trust.”

The Holy Spirit is asking that we place all our WILL into Gods hands. Let us allow Him to direct us through this life. I am throwing these questions to you (and I hope you answer them honestly):

  • Are you trying so hard to do it all by yourself?
  • Have you sought God in that decision you are about to make?
  • Are you ready and willing to let that desire go if it’s not in His Will?
  • Will you trust Him completely when God leads you on that path?

I pray that after reading this passage, the Holy Spirit speaks to you so much that you will allow God’s will to take over yours so that you can be at rest.

I was blessed by this song Yes by the Shekinah Glory Ministry. I will like you to listen to the words closely and I pray you will be blessed.

And never forget that God Still loves you very much!!!

…Inspired by the Holy Spirit





4 responses to “The Ultimate Will”

  1. Lois Avatar

    Thanks so much for this.
    I was really touched.

  2. kcakita Avatar

    God bless you darling! May the Holy Spirit keep revealing the deep things of the Kingdom to you.

  3. John Yaw Buabeng (Rev.) Avatar

    We thank God for that revelation. And its so beautiful to know that when we place our will under “The Rock of Ages” everything blossoms and turns out well around us. In His will is our rest. I’ve been blessed by the message. God bless you.

  4. Annor Mary Avatar
    Annor Mary

    Very inspiring….God bless u

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