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Janice Antoinette

This blog is geared towards inspiring many to come to the realisation of the tangibility of the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Avatar Yvette Kondoh says:

    Glory to God! Very inspiring! I love the analogy using the mirror. God bless you Janice

  2. Deep!

  3. Avatar John Yaw Buabeng (Rev.) says:

    I was blessed when I read your message on TRUST.
    It’s enlightening to know that if we can trust our man made mirrors, then we should TRUST our heavenly father even more.
    As I read these two scriptuqres came to my mind (2Cor 3:18 and James 1:23-25) which points to God’s Word as a mirror and the fact that if we can trust man-made mirrors, we can trust His Word to us.
    God bless you for being available for the Holy Spirit to inspire us through you. Stay blessed.

  4. Avatar TRUST | vision2divinity 【v2d】 says:

    […] Source: TRUST […]


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