Wipe it off!

Ephesians 4: 22-24
“Throw off your old sinful nature
and your former way of life, which
is corrupted by lust and deception.
Instead, let the Spirit renew your
thoughts and attitudes. Put on your
new nature, created to be like God—
truly righteous and holy.”

As a child of God the enemy tries many things to distract us from reflecting Jesus Christ here on earth. When our focus shifts, we give him way to feed our minds with negative thoughts and ideas which pushes us away from His presence.

Now imagine yourself driving your car and then it begins to rain, the first thing anyone will do is to turn on the wiper so that you can see clearly and continue on your journey. Also, if you sit in your car and you realise that your windscreen is dirty, the first thing you will do is to clear the dirt so you can move the car.

Unfortunately, the enemy tries to deceive us by taking our attention off the fact that we have a calling or purpose and he begins to distract and turn our attention away from the goal. Or the enemy attempts to make you feel inadequate or unworthy just so you are distracted from the goal ahead.

But remember, you are in control of the vehicle (mind) not the him, you are the one to turn on the wiper (renewing of the mind – Romans 12:2) and the wiper works because you have turned it on (recognising the person of the Holy Spirit). The Holy Spirit comes in when you invite Him in and He is the one to clean away the dirt (renew your thoughts and mind).

The moment that happens, you become aware of who you are, where you are going and why you are going there. The enemy flees immediately you come to that realisation because your focus has shifted back to Jesus Christ.

There are many distractions but don’t be distracted (especially when the winds and rains are strong) however when you realise that you are distracted, ask the Holy Spirit (the wiper) to help you focus on Jesus Christ again!


…Inspired by the Holy Spirit


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3 responses to “Wipe it off!”

  1. Trisha Avatar

    POWERFUL! I loved the analogy!

  2. Diana Freguson Danso Avatar
    Diana Freguson Danso

    Amen and God bless you.

  3. kowsackey Avatar

    Awesome. I’m blessed. God bless you Janice.

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