The Flickering Bulb

Ephesians 5:8-10
For once you were full of darkness,
but now you have light from the Lord.
So live as people of light! For this light
within you produces only what is good
and right and true. Carefully determine
what pleases the Lord.

Imagine a light bulb flickering. It comes on and goes off not because the electricity isn’t stable but because the bulb is loose, has a faulty connection or about to die. That’s how some Christians have become, flickering light bulbs that will go off anytime soon. Not because they aren’t connected to the source but because they need to get rid of some things in their lives. Things that have occupied space hence making it difficult for them to project that light. The bulb alone is useless without the electric power coming through it.

Once you are flickering, it means your connectivity to the source of your light is weak and could go off anytime. Now, for a bulb to flicker, it could mean many things. One is because the bulb is loose in its sockets hence there is an inconsistent connection that makes it flicker. But when it is tightened, the connection will be solid. The other could be that the connection is faulty hence the flickering. In effect, it affects the way it produces light.

The things we fill ourselves with affects our connection to the source of our power (Holy Spirit). We sing songs and pray asking the Holy Spirit to use us, to be the light of the world, to tell the world of His goodness yet we never do. Why? Not because we cannot do it (because we are connected to the main source of our strength and power) but because we are filled with so many other things that take our attention.

It’s enough! Stop saying and speaking only; and rather be led by the HOLY SPIRIT so your light will shine! Do not conform to the pleasures of this world because it ends up taking up that space which needs to be filled by the Holy Spirit. Let us stop ignoring the HOLY SPIRIT and acknowledge the fact that He is the only one we need to accomplish our purpose here on earth.

Remember this, you are a vessel who needs to stay connected. Without constant connection to the HOLY SPIRIT you are just like a flickering light bulb which could go off at any moment. We are nothing without the source of our power (THE HOLY SPIRIT). Bulbs never work until it is connected to electric power. So channel your heart and minds into getting to know the source of your power and being. Then you can be that light through whom many can come to know JESUS CHRIST. 

Remember you are not to flicker but shine!!! 🙂 

…Inspired by the Holy Spirit


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  1. Bernice Dansoa Osei Avatar
    Bernice Dansoa Osei


  2. Ruth Obazee Avatar
    Ruth Obazee

    Wow, what a revelation. We bless God for this.


    Very deep and enlightening!

  4. Trisha Avatar

    Wow, enlightening!

  5. Lois Avatar

    Message on point.
    We need to stay shining and not flickering.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Yvette Avatar

    Inspiring. Thank you for sharing

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