Shades and Masks

Romans 12:11-13
“Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame.
Be alert servants of the Master, cheerfully expectant.
Don’t quit in hard times; pray all the harder. Help
needy Christians; be inventive in hospitality.” – MSG

Wondering why these two words? I bet the former is one you’ve heard in this year 2020. I love my shades although I don’t wear it often. Not because I don’t want to but because most times I forget I have them with me. This year 2020 we had a strange visitor on this earth and this caused the year for many to be tough, draining, confusing etc. Many happenings, many deaths, many setbacks, many disappointments, many reasons to ask yourself if you truly have faith. However the question is, what have you had on in this year 2020; shades or a mask? I know you will figure it all out as you read this piece.

Corona virus will be the most used word this year together with sanitisers, hand washing and social distancing. During this period of the pandemic, it has been tough for many people and for others a test of their true stand in Christ. However, this pandemic has exposed seemingly how fragile and weak our faith is. Also, we have genuinely  not developed a personal relationship with Jesus like we claim and profess to the world and the people around us.

The secret sins we thought we had overcome came back to hunt us. The zeal to serve Jesus Christ which we demonstrated to the world is dwindling for several reasons. Due to the adjustments and changes we had to adapt in this pandemic, many have backslidden and living lives that please the world. The chaos, pandemonium, the fear, the anxiety, the confusion and the demand for answers has shown the world that we are/were either in a mask or shades or even both. Why do I say that? Why do we wear shades? For fashion! But mainly to protect our eyes from the sun rays. So the shades absorb the sunlight so that it does not have a direct effect on our eyes. Why do we wear masks? To protect ourselves from the spread of the virus. 

When one wears shades, his or her view of things is different from if the shades were off. Things may appear darker or dim because of the dark effect the shades gives us. The mask also when worn hinders speech and so your words may sound a little mumbled. The Holy Spirit got me thinking, what kind of a Christian have you been all these years that you have professed to be a follower of  Jesus Christ? A faithful witness or a false one?

The word:
Many of us have hidden behind shades (whether consciously or unconsciously) in order not to see clearly. We have allowed the enemy to deceive us into thinking that having the shades on actually protects you when it rather distorts the picture God wants you to see. That is why we cannot stop engaging in sexual sin because the enemy presented it in a way that is appealing and “right” in your eyes.  

That is why many of us see the wrongdoings yet we join “the others” in doing the same. That is also why we will rather hide under the guise that we have seen and heard from God just so that we can blend in and be accepted. That is why many people have ventured into places prematurely because they cannot see clearly Gods plans. 

That is why social media pressure is eating us up slowly and drifting our attention from Jesus Christ. We have deceived ourselves into thinking that what we are seeing is actually what God is saying when our vision is actually distorted and not in line with Gods plan for our lives. We wear shades to cover up our sins and character which makes us continue in sin. That is also why during this pandemic we cannot exercise faith because we never really worked on building our faith.

The masks we put on gives the enemy the opportunity to distort our speech so that we do not speak truthfully but speak fear which causes pandemonium and panic. We have many Christians who will rather lie about a friend in order to win that contract, people who will speak negatively about others in order to win the trust of many, people who will speak false doctrines to confuse those in the faith, people who do not live the Christlike life but speak as though they do, people who have killed others emotionally because of their hurtful words, people who delight in sharing bad news especially in this year 2020, people who are quick to share bible verses when those verses are not written on the tablet of their hearts, people who are quick to fight for pulpits just to please people and catch the crowds, people who say things they claim the Holy Spirit said when they have not heard clearly, people who misinterpret dreams and visions, people who speak too quickly before assessing the situation and finally people who profess Jesus Christ when they do not even know who He is. 

Corona in the year 2020 has exposed our true lives to us and to the world. The year which has taught many of us that the faith we speak about is not the faith we have exercised this year. This year has taught some of us that we truly and genuinely do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ because we hide behind the crowds just to make ourselves look good.

It has also taught many of us that we really could not stand on our own because we never cultivated the habit of spending time with God. It taught us that we filled our hearts and minds with fear hence our lack of faith. Above all, the year has taught us that Jesus Christ is the only answer the world needs and it will take believers in the faith to preach that! 

Let’s remember that we need to see clearly, hear clearly and speak clearly! We cannot say one thing and do another because the world is looking for answers from us. We cannot join the many others who profess fear because the one who lives in us is greater than the one who lives in the world. The shades you have on is preventing you from seeing your friend who is in need of your prayers for that life changing encounter!! 

That mask you have on is also preventing you from speaking the truth that is why you have delighted in spreading all kinds of false information. Look deep within you and ask yourself this, “What have I put on in these times and seasons of my walk with Jesus Christ?” Whichever one you have on, remember to take them off so that you can either see the light clearly or speak the word truthfully! 

As you have read this post I want you to look into your life and identify the little things that may be hidden inside of you. Ask our Holy Spirit to help you overcome them. And also ask Him for a deeper walk with Him so that you can develop faith and kill fear. Can we please use our sanitisers to sanitise our hearts and minds? Can we also wash and rid ourselves of the negativity and fear that has engulfed us? And please can we socially distance ourselves from the enemy, he’s of no good to us! 

Be blessed with these scriptures and prayer!

Psalms 46:1-3
Proverbs 18:10
Psalms 28:7
Romans 15:13
1 Thessalonians 5:11
Ephesians 4:29
Hebrews 10:24-25
Philippians 4:6-8
Romans 8:31


…inspired by the Holy Spirit!





16 responses to “Shades and Masks”

  1. Elizabeth Maya Avatar
    Elizabeth Maya

    God bless you lady Janice.

    1. Janice Antoinette Avatar
      Janice Antoinette

      God bless you too dear!

  2. Mary Gold Avatar
    Mary Gold

    Powerful word

    1. Janice Antoinette Avatar
      Janice Antoinette

      God bless you for reading

  3. Angie Arthur Avatar
    Angie Arthur

    Great piece lady J. Much love

    1. Janice Antoinette Avatar
      Janice Antoinette

      Thank you so much! God bless you

  4. Victor Chinye Avatar
    Victor Chinye

    A word in season wisely spoken!… God richly bless you for the timely word.

    1. Janice Antoinette Avatar
      Janice Antoinette

      Amen and amen! God bless you too

  5. Serwaa Avatar

    Lady J. We needed this, I needed this. The blinders and masks we’ve put on thinking might do us some good but in reality it’s rather stealing us from our true source of joy. May our dearest HolySpirit be our help and enlighten our minds to put all of them off as we step into the glorious year ahead.

    God bless you Lady Janice

    1. Janice Antoinette Avatar
      Janice Antoinette

      Rightly said! Thank you for reading. God bless you too

  6. Acheampong Tutu Avatar
    Acheampong Tutu

    Thank you for this purging word!

    1. Janice Antoinette Avatar
      Janice Antoinette

      God bless you for reading!

  7. Keith Cyril Akita Avatar
    Keith Cyril Akita

    God bless you for this timely word, Lady Janice! May any false visors and fake face coverings, pertaining to the spiritual matters, fall off so we may see clearly, and speak God’s unadulterated Word truthfully. Holy Spirit, teach and help us walk in our respective God-ordained purposes. Amen!

    1. Janice Antoinette Avatar
      Janice Antoinette

      Amen and amen! God bless you man of God! You have said it all

  8. Veeda OT Avatar
    Veeda OT

    Wow..thank you Lord
    Help us to know you truly for ourselves. We rid ourselves of all the lies and secret sins. Forgive us and purify us in Jesus Christ’s name Amen

    1. Janice Antoinette Avatar
      Janice Antoinette

      Amen and amen! God bless you for reading

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